The Most Intelligent Starter

Power metering, BACnet communications, and an intuitive interface provides seamless integration with building automation systems. By combining starter operation with controls, you extend equipment life and save energy. Installation is cost-effective thanks to integrated sensing and control points.


  • HOA Keypad with LCD Display for easy installation and operation
  • BACnet with Power Metering option for LEED projects (option) (Measurement & Verification credit), tenant sub-metering cost allocation, load shedding and performance contracting
  • True power measure detects belt loss
  • Voltage & dry contact inputs for auto run Command Wire directly from the automation system to the starter, no interposing relays necessary
  • Fireman’s override initiates smoke purge sequence during emergency
  • Damper control interlocks damper with starter ensuring proper sequence of operation
  • Wide range class 5-30 electronic overload prevents eliminates call backs due to mis-sized heaters
  • Optional over/under voltage and ground fault protection

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