Onyxx® MB311 Bridge

Onyxx® MB311 Bridge

Onyxx Modbus to BACnet Bridge MB311



Lynxspring’s Helixx™ software platform embedded on the Onyxx® MB311 Bridge has revolutionized the construction, implementation, and interaction of Modbus to BACnet network communication. Helixx takes Modbus to BACnet protocol translation to the next level by not only translating up to 1000 Modbus points to manageable BACnet points; it converts Modbus slave devices into BACnet virtual devices using virtual BACnet routing. Acting as the Master Modbus device, Helixx manages all Modbus RTU or TCP slave devices connected to it.

For every Modbus slave device that is added, Helixx creates a corresponding BACnet virtual device. The operator has the flexibility to name this BACnet virtual device and assign it a unique BACnet device instance/object ID that will identify it on the BACnet network. Desired Modbus points are simply added under the Modbus slave device of which Helixx automatically maps to the correct virtual BACnet point to its corresponding BACnet virtual device. The Onyxx® MB311 supports a maximum of 1000 Modbus points, 32 Modbus RTU slave devices without a repeater or up to 246 with repeaters, 246 Modbus TCP slave devices per network segment, or a combination thereof.

With Helixx™ on board, third-party software is not needed to access and configure the Onyxx® MB311 Bridge. An operator simply connects to the Onyxx® MB311 Bridge utilizing a standard Internet browser. Helixx™ presents the operator with all of the configuration screens, documentation, device settings, help, and software tools needed to complete a successful project.

Communication Capabilities

Network Communication

The Onyxx® MB311 is connected to a network utilizing the 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port with auto-negotiation allowing for the use of either a Cat-5 straight-through cable or a crossover cable.

Modbus Serial (RTU) Communication

The optically-isolated, transient protected RS-485 serial port located on the Onyxx® MB311 Bridge allows for easy installation of either 2-wire (+ and -) or 3-wire (+, -, and Shield) RS-485 networks utilizing the 3-screw removable terminal block.

Modbus TCP and BACnet IP Communication

Modbus TCP and BACnet IP communication occur simultaneously through the Ethernet port. Once the Onyxx® MB311 Bridge is connected to a network, Modbus TCP requests are sent on registered port 502 and BACnet IP communication occurs through UDP port 0xBAC0 (decimal 47808). Both the Modbus TCP and BACnet IP ports can be modified to support the project’s needs.



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