Application Specific Controllers

Application Specific Controllers

The LC Series Application Specific Controller product line is designed to control and monitor HVAC equipment such as fan coil units, roof top units, heat pump units and unit ventilators.  The LC Series Free Programmable Controller product line is designed to control and monitor various HVAC equipment such as
roof top units, air handling units as well as chillers and boilers. Moreover, it is suitable for any lighting control and power measurement applications.

The LC Series Remote I/O Controller product line is designed to increase the amounts of inputs and outputs available in a network. Such devices could be easily used in combination with a free programmable controller or with an application specific controller.

These product lines are based on the LONWORKS® technology for peer-to-peer communication between controllers and are LONMARK® certified.

 Sub Categories


The LC Series LC-RIO-24 is designed to extend the capability of an LC Series system, as well as to monitor and control various HVAC applications. The Remote-I/O uses the LonTalk® communication protocol and are LONMARK certified using the Sensor profile (#1) for its input objects and the Actuator profile (#3) for its output objects.


The LC Series LC-SCC controller is a microprocessor-based universal controller designed to control any roof top, fan coil, heat pump unit application and unit ventilator controllers. The LC-SCC controller uses the LonTalk® communication protocol designed to work with all types of heat pumps, including dual mode and water-to-refrigerant heat pumps.




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