Room Sensors

Room Sensors

Room Sensors

Small in size and price, yet offering many options, this series of room temperature sensors are a big value for any building.

STE-6010-LNX/6014-LNX/6015-LNX/6016-LNX/6017-LNX/6018-LNXs include a four-pin EIA-485 data port on the underside for easy temporary computer connection to the network.

STE-6014-LNX/6017-LNX/6018-LNX/6019-LNX/6020-LNXs include a rotary setpoint dial.

STE-6013-LNX/6015-LNX/6017-LNX/6018-LNX/6019-LNX/6020-LNXs allow selection of an override condition by pushing the button on the front. The green LED (not on the STE-6017-LNX/6019-LNX) illuminates according to the user-defined controller configuration (e.g., during setback/setup or during normal/override modes).

STE-6012-LNX/6016-LNXs include an LCD display for the room temperature and setpoint. The temperature display can be toggled between Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. The setpoint is adjustable via the up and down arrow buttons on the front panel. If the system is in normal/override mode, pressing a button will raise or lower the setpoint. When either button is pushed, the display will toggle from room temperature to the setpoint. When the button is released, the number displayed is the new setpoint, and the display will return to room temperature after ten seconds. If the system is in setback/setup (for heating/cooling) mode, pressing either button selects override mode.

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