Lynxspring Controls Green (BACnet)

Lynxspring Controls Green is a family of native BACnet comformant field controllers consisting of programmable and application specific devices.  For this offering, we are pleased to partner with KMC controls of New Paris, Indiana, for a totaly Made-In-USA offering.

This family of controllers includes applications for VAV (Variable Air Volume), HP (Heat Pump), FCU (Fan Coil Unit), AHU (Air Handling Unit) and RTU (Roof Top Unit).  While all controllers are effectively programmable, a range of developed applications are available that make this family of controllers configurable.  Lynxspring Business Partners can configure or program these controllers through the JENEsys ProBuilder software engineering toolset or KMC's BACstage software.  Lynxspring offers training and support through our Lynxspring University and Lynxspring Support teams.




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