Fan Coil Unit & Zone Controllers

Fan Coil Unit & Zone Controllers

The JENEsys® VT7200 series zoning and VT7300 series fan coil unit controllers are designed for both new construction and retrofit projects. These controllers dramatically decrease a project’s delivery costs by reducing installation, configuration and commissioning time. No complex software or tools are required to customize functionality in order to meet your application requirements. They provide all the advanced features and monitoring functions required by modern building automation systems in a simple, “Thermostat like” enclosure.

Open protocol design provides network campatibility to BACnet® MS/TP, Echelon Lontalk® and Wirless Zigbee® network systems. Our Network Ready “standalone” versions can be field retrofit with optional communication modules which enable the thermostats to be integrated into virually all leading building automation systems as budgets allow or as the building requirements change.

All models can be customized with PIR motion sensor functionality via an optional PIR accessory cover. The cover can be field installed or ordered as a factory installed option. This provides advanced occupancy routines and automatic energy savings during occupied periods without sacrificing occupancy comfort.

When compared to traditional building automation controllers, the JENEsys VT7200 series zoning and VT7300 series fan coil unit controllers provide unmatched return on investment to building owners while maximizing profits for system integrators.

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