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JENEsys Supervisor

JENEsys Supervisor

The JENEsys AX Supervisor is a flexible network server used in applications where multiple NiagaraAX-based JENE-PC series controllers can be networked together.  The AX Supervisor serves real-time graphical information to standard web-browser clients and also provides server-level functions such as: centralized data logging, archiving, alarming, trending, master scheduling, system-wide database management, and integration with enterprise software applications.  In addition, the AX Supervisor provides a comprehensive, graphical engineering toolset for application development.
In addition to the 32-bit AX Supervisor, a 64-bit version for Windows based PCs is available for monitoring systems intended to monitor in excess of 150 and up to 500 JENE-PC series controllers.  It supports the same feature set as the standard version.

With NiagaraAX release 3.4 or greater, Lynxspring offers a platform for the AX Supervisor which runs on Red Hat Linux.  NiagaraAX 3.4 and later versions provide AX Supervisor software that is targeted for a specific Linux-based platform: an Intel-based PC platform running the operating system of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

oBIX is now included in all AX Supervisors as a means of integrating Niagara-based Release 2 (R2) JENEs.  With the release 2.3.522 or greater, the oBIX driver can be added to expose all data points, scheduled, trends and alarms to an AX system.  This oBIX driver is both  a client and server.

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