JENEsys® Edge™ Controllers


LONWORKS controllers deliver unmatched ease of use, with feature-rich hardware and software toolsets, to increase productivity and reduce installation costs.

JENEsys® Edge™ products are a new generation of controllers combining the Niagara Framework® with Lynxspring's Onyxx® platform. 

Designed to provide maximum performance at minimum cost, JENEsys® Edge™ Controllers bring edge connectivity, data access, powerful processing and control to today's small to mid-sized facilities, plant control, and machine-to-machine and IoT applications. They will enable facility managers and operators to use a known UI, ProBuilder or Workbench, to achieve operational efficiencies between multiple systems/devices supporting facility management functions, equipment control and business applications.

Compatible with Niagara, JENEsys® Edge™ Controllers use the Fox Protocol to facilitate communications between Niagara stations.


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