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McQuay Driver

McQuay’s MicroTech network architecture permits a “multi-level” approach, where the single “level 1” master controller (the OPM) can have multiple “level 2” controllers on a comm trunk, each of which may have one or more “level 3” controllers on a different comm trunk. Level 2 controllers can thus be both a “slave” (always, to the level 1 OPM) as well as a “master” to level 3 controllers. Each MicroTech controller has an “L2” and “L3” (level 2 and 3) address that reflects its network configuration.

In a NiagaraAX integration, this network topology is essentially “flattened” under a station’s McQuayNetwork, where the same type of McQuayDevice component represents each MicroTech device, regardless of its position in the McQuay network architecture. Additionally, a McQuayDevice component represents the OPM device itself. Distinction is simply the specified L2 and L3 address for each McQuayDevice component.

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