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JENEsys Metron

Through ANSI C12.20-2010 testing and compliance, a JENEsys® JENE-PC6000 series controller with the JENEsys® Metron C1220.jar file conforms to the requirements in C12.20-2010 and C12.1-2008 standards. A JENEsys® controller or equivalent with the ANSI C12.20 NiagaraAX Module installed can now be used to accurately and reliably record and transmit critical electrical data from demand side applications to owners, energy managers, generators (utilities), curtailment service providers, and others that need accurate and timely revenue-grade data. With the installation of the ANSI C12.20 NiagaraAX Module in any NiagaraAX product, you can now achieve:

  • Economical Sub-Metering - Monitor tenants, departments and cost centers energy consumption and help identify opportunities for demand control.
  • Accurately Allocate Costs - Eliminate previously uncontrolled utility overhead expenses by allocating costs to tenants, departments and cost centers.
  • Uphold Commitments - Use the revenue-grade rated data to ensure contractual obligations are maintained for energy curtailment programs.
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