JENE-PC Series Option Cards

JENE-PC Series Option Cards

The JENE-PC Series Option Cards are used to expand the communication capabilities and functionality of the JENE-PC Series Controllers.

 Sub Categories


The JENE-PC-LONCARD Lonworks communication module features an FTT-10A (Lonworks) adaptor with a 2-position removable screw-terminal connector plug. The JENE-PC-LONCARD can be installed in either Option Slot 1 or 2 on a JENE-PC Series controller.


The JENE-PC-232 is a single port RS-232 adaptor with DB-9M connector option card for a JENE-PC series or SEC-JENE-PC series controller. The JENE-PC-232 uses its own 0n-board UART and supports baud rates up to 115200. The NiagaraAX build installed on the JENE-PC series or SEC-JENE-PC must be 3.1.24 or higher in order to use the JENE-PC-232 module.


The JENE-PC-485 dual port RS-485 communication module is a dual port, optically isolated RS-485 adapter, with two three position screw-terminal connector plugs. Up to 2 JENE-PC-485 cards may be installed on one JENE-PC series controller. The JENE-PC-485 card can be installed in either Option Slot 1 or 2 on a JENE-PC Series controller.


The JENE-PC-MODEMCARD is a 56Kbps auto-dial, auto-answer, modem with one RJ-11 connector for a phone line connection used on a JENE-PC series or SEC-JENE-PC series controller.


The JENE-PC-GPRS is a GSM cellular modem using GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) data technology powered by a JENE-PC series or SEC-JENE-PC series controller. The GPRS option card is not supported in any JENE that also has a dialup modem (JENE-PC-MODEMCARD) option installed.


The JENEsys JENE-PC-ZWAVE communication option card and driver create a portfolio of hardware, software and tools designed to monitor and control Z-Wave devices. I t allows users to use the Z-Wave technology to create a wireless, two-way mesh network. This network allows complete control of a network of compatible devices throughout the building from a single JENE-PC series controller running NiagaraAX version 3.5 or higher.


The JENE-PC-SRAM option card is a new option for embedded JENE-PC series controllers that enable the units to operate without a backup battery and still protect valuable data during power outages. This option card eliminates the need for rechargeable batteries and their periodic replacement. This card employs static RAM and a “super-cap” to store data not yet written to the controller’s Flash memory and holds that data during a power failure. Using patent pending software in the controller, the unwritten data is held on the option card until power returns and is then written to the non-volatile Flash memory. This option card installs in a JENE-PC1000, JENE-PC6000 and JENE-PC7000 series communication card slots.




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