JENE-PC Series Enclosures

JENE-PC Series Enclosures

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JENE-PC ENC-001 and ENC-002

The JENE-PC ENC Series Enclosures includes two different Type 1 enclosures to house JENE-PC Series Controllers.

ENC-001: Small enclosure is 18-gauge steel, at 12" wide x 18" tall x 4"deep enclosure with a single DIN rail. DIN rail is mounted vertically. The Small Enclosure holds one JENE-PC1000/6000 controller and one JM34 module.

ENC-002: Large enclosure is 16-gauge steel, 12" wide x 28" tall x 4" deep enclosure with a single DIN rail, also mounted vertically. The Large Enclosure holds one JENE-PC1000/6000, a JENE-PC-PWR, and up to four JM16 modules.

If space permits, an optional perforated back plate: ENC-BKP-1 (8" x 11") or ENC-BKP-2 (11" x 11") may be installed if the enclosure is to house user-supplied ancillary equipment such as relays or other control devices.




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